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My dog (and I) sleep much better at night after she has another day of play at Bed, Bark and Beyond.. 
        -- Andy C.

I know it's time for a good day at Emma's "Doggy Daycare" on Fox Island, as she does circles at the car when we're ready to go there, and is calm and emotionally stable when returning home.  
        -- Karin W.

When I got my pup, I made my decision to have him socialize at Bed, Bark and Beyond. I wanted him to grow up around other dogs and pups.
        -- Roger

When we pick up our pom after leaving her at your facility, she seems so happy. We know our Shuggie not only is well cared for, but has a good time as well.  
        -- Laurie

Fred never seems to want to get it the car to leave after his visit, he always wants to stay longer at his home away from home. 
        -- John J.

You were recommended by our dog groomer. Best advice I ever received for our dog when we are away.  Impressed that you don't kennel cage and stack your dogs, but care for them as if they were your own.
        -- Ed


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